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How to Book a Porn Star

The purpose of this guide is to help club promoters, event planners, marketing managers from Nightclubs, Gentlemen’s Clubs and Stripclubs on how to book some of the top name Porn Stars. All the information we provide here is free; we ask nothing in return except that you support the Adult Entertainment Industry, Porn Stars and the business as a whole by booking these talented individuals to make appearances and meet mainstream consumers. The more mainstream we all make the Adult Industry the better for the business.

Before you start calling

- Know generally who you are interested in booking.

- What you are looking for them to do (ie host, feature dance, companionship, etc)

- Where and when are the dates and location of the event, party or venue?

- What is your budget? Is travel involved if so are you including that cost in your budget?


Budget is honestly the first and most important thing you need to know about before booking a Porn Star. Rates vary widely based on the level of Porn Star you are looking to book, what exactly you are looking for them to do, and availability. So as stated above it’s important to answer those questions first. It’s also important to note that not all Porn Stars can be booked for all events. While some Porn Stars can be booked for Private Parties, Bachelor Parties or even Companionship others may have no interest whatsoever in that; so you’ll need to have some flexibility there as well. Some Porn Stars will make appearances, but do not feature dance; and others only feature dance.

Travel Costs

Include in your budget travel, lodging and security; typically Porn Stars or their agents will expect you to cover the costs of airline flights, limo/car, and hotel. They will likely not be happy staying at a flea bag motel; but you also don’t need to put them up at the Ritz. A moderate hotel with interior hallways is always best. Most, if not all, Porn Stars will be accompanied or require you provide security for them. If this is their personal security/driver it’s usually included in the cost of their booking – but sometimes they will try and negotiate on top. If you plan on flying a Porn Star in you should also include the cost of ground transportation to and from your venue in your budget except you are picking them up from the airport.

Merchandise Sales​

If you’re asking a Porn Star to make an appearance, host an event or feature dance they will likely require a table or place to set up to sell their DVDs, Magazines, 8x10s, and other merchandise. Any money they make selling their merchandise, autographs or photos is usually 100% theirs on top of their appearance fee. A lot of clubs mistakenly think that Porn Stars make a lot of money on their merchandise but in most cases the Porn Stars have to purchase DVDs they appear in for $10+ each and typically sell them for $20; so they are not making a huge profit.

Number of Shows​

If you’re looking to book a Porn Star for feature dancing typically their pricing will be based on the number of shows you want them to do in a night. A typical number of shows is 2-3 a night; and most traveling Porn Stars who feature will look for 2-3 night bookings. A feature set typically include 3-4 songs and the Porn Star handing out some posters or DVDs to the crowd while the strip in exchange for tips.  Sometimes Porn Stars will opt to do more of a show; or even have games they play with customers to.


Typically Porn Stars keep 100% of all of tips received by customers; but your staff should expect a professional Porn Star to tip them out for helping her make money.

Private Dances​

Some Porn Stars will also allow customers to purchase private/VIP dances from them; rarely would a Porn Star work the floor or compete with normal dancers in your club.

Because of the high demands of this Porn Stars, we recommended that you make your reservation as far in advance as possible in order to secured a booking for them. To be assured your event is a successful one, advanced reservations is preferred as some of the Porn Stars may need to commute from there location to where the event is taking place.



The above informations are very important and should be read thoroughly before making a booking.